Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Anonymous Correctly Predict The De-listing $1B Company

"Anonymous" has a new project called Anonymous Analytics, which recently predicted that a Hong Kong company, Chaoda Modern Agriculture holdingsstock would be desisted, and shortly there after it was.

From their report (pdf):
Anonymous Target: Delisting
Expected Return: ‐100%
"Anonymous" is a activist group that uses the internet to exert their influence, while keeping their identities hidden. Their stated goals are "access to information, free speech, and transparency".

They have created a website that which aims to "provide the public with investigative reports exposing corrupt companies." They claim that their staff includes "analysts, forensic accountants, staticians, computer experts, and lawyers from various jurisdictions and backgrounds."

The internet is obviously a powerful tool for dissemination information, but groups like "Anonymous" and Wikileaks are taking that idea even further. This is a tread to watch.


  1. Delisting does not result in a 100% loss. The company continues to exist and you still own those shares. It will just be harder to find a buyer when you want to sell, which will result in a large loss but not 100%.

  2. If a company is delisted under those circumstances, however, there's probably a pile of debt. If the owners of the company can't work out a payment plan, the lenders will get possession of any assets the company has.

    The lenders could do business in that name or sell it somebody, but who wants to do that with a name that's been discredited?

  3. your first sentence, delisted*